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Hierarchy Problem & SUSY
An interesting topic to be discussed in the next weeks is how supersymmetry could solve the gauge hierarchy problem. Roughly speaking the idea is that due to the additional symmetry, quadratic divergences should cancel between the bosons and fermions.

An interesting approach to this is presented in Polonsky's Book: Supersymmetry: Structure and Phenomena. (A preprint version can still be found on arXiv.) In the chapter 3, the author follows a bottom-up approach: he is constructing a theory in which all the quadratic divergences are set to cancel. He then shows how this can be related to SUSY.
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What will be or has been discussed
On Monday, 19th of November, I will present "Astrophysical Bounds on the Photon Charge and Magnetic Moment" by B. Altschul (University of South Carolina, Columbia) : http://arxiv.org/abs/0711.2038.

TeV gravity in four dimensions? arXiv:0711.2306">http://arxiv.org/abs/0711.2306">arXiv:0711.2306, by Calmet & Hsu. Leonardo & Alessandre

For coming literature reviews, please modify this one ("Administration -> Manage existing articles").

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Topics discussed so far
23/Oct: Is there a new physics between electroweak and Planck scales? (Jan)
30/Oct: Is there a new physics between electroweak and Planck scales? [continued] (Jan)
06/Nov: Brans-Dicke gravitation (Daniel)
13/Nov: Brans-Dicke gravitation [continued] (Daniel) & Gauge Hierarchy Problem (Claude)
20/Nov: Hierarchy Problem using Dimensional Regularization (Alessandro)
27/Nov: Barbieri "Ten Lectures on EW Interactions" [Sections 1-4] (Claude & Marc)
04/Dec: Barbieri "Ten Lectures on EW Interactions" [Sections TBA]
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Suggestions for Litterature Review

Here some suggestions by Alexey, Claudio, Riccardo, ... :
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December :
A) arXiv:0708.1281
or a new paper on the same topic :
Anomaly mediated neutrino-photon interactions

November :

de Sitter Relativity: a New Road to Quantum Gravity

Radiation Driven Inflation

The Lee-Wick Standard Model

Warped Leptogenesis with Dirac Neutrino Masses

Ultrahigh-energy neutrino flux as a probe of large extra-

Non-Metric Gravity II: Spherically Symmetric Solution, Missing
Mass and Redshifts of Quasars

Symmetries,Singularities and the De-Emergence of Space

The necessity of dark matter in MOND within galactic scales
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HEP Seminars

The seminar announcements can be found on this webpage.
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Article Proposals
Please feel free to suggest any interesting papers for litterature review :)
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Group Email

E-mail : tmhep@groupes.epfl.ch
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Topics to be covered in the future
* Accelerator Theory (presented by experimentalist from 6th floor)
* Coleman-Weinberg paper
* Strong CP problem
* Renormalization group: Standard vs. Wilsonian approach
* How is SUSY supposed to solve the Hierarchy Problem?
* finish discussing gauge hierarchy problem within dimensional regularisation
* . . .
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Tue 6. Nov
Daniel is going to present Brans-Dicke theory of gravitation.

We will mainly discuss the first paper.

But, I also recommend the second one, quite interesting.

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After first meeting
So this morning we had the first real meeting. In my opinion it was interesting, and I really think it is a good point if Oleg or any other senior physicist could come.

Now we have to decide what to do the coming weeks ; it would be good if we knew more in advance what will come (I apologize for this time). I also think this blog is a good place to write down what happens.

Next week we will for sure finish the discussion about Misha's paper, meaning in particular the introduction of his model.
Other topics which will be covered :
- Coleman & Weinberg
- "Affleck-Dine gravity" ; proposed by Daniel

For me it would be interesting to look also in more details at other scenarios for BSM ; in particular those which are not studied by any group here at EPFL. I think at :
- GUT : look at one example just to get a more precise idea
- Technicolor
- Little Higgs

I think I have written enough for my first post ; please react and propose other topics.


Posted by Jan Mrazek at 13:21
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