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Vertical Extension Case Studies

The are thousands of buildings in Switzerland which could potentially be the object of a vertical extension. However, in order to use them as case study, these buildings should be homogeneous from a typological point of view but at the same they should express the constraints given by the surroundings, providing enough variation to showcase the adaptability of the developed building system.

These buildings should be well documented, they should have an architectural interest but at the same time they must be neutral enough to be the object of a vertical extensions without having to deal with arguments of historical heritage protection. Finally, in order to be relevant in terms of urban consolidation, they should be located centrally and a vertical extension should fit in the urban context.

A good set of buildings satisfying all these conditions are the recently refurbished and well documented apartment buildings owned by the city of Geneva. All of them were built between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century and display a clear urban character with configuration which is strictly site specific.

Posted by Matteo Gino Pitton on Wednesday 2 March 2016 at 11:37