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International Symposium on Ecohydrology at EPFL, 17-20 October 2010

The 2010 Latsis Symposium will take from 17 to 20 October 2010 at EPFL, in the beautiful city of Lausanne and will explore the interface between Ecology and Hydrology in our changing environment.

The organizing committee invites you to participate at Latsis 2010 to share your recent findings and discuss research at the forefront of Ecohydrology.

For information, the Latsis Symposium is an interdisciplinary intermediate-size research conference on ecohydrology and sustainable water resources use. The conference will bring together international experts and young researchers in the fields of surface hydrology, soil and plant ecology, environmental complexity, water resource management, in a setting highly suitable for scientific discussion and interaction (which has become typically impossible at large scale conferences). We are inviting leading scientists in traditionally separated fields. The conference will also be an invaluable means to establish communication and collaboration between group leaders and promising young researchers (including PhDs and postdocs). There will be ample room for scientific interaction between scientists. This conference will be the stage for intensifying and strengthening links between the different disciplines and to bridge the gap towards the fields of hydrology, ecology, engineering and complex system science.

Flyer : documents.epfl.ch/groups/l/la/latsis2010/www/pdf/LATSIS_flyer.pdf

1 May 2010 : Abstract Poster submission
1 June 2010 : Acceptance notification
1 September 2010 : Poster submission

1 June 2010 : Registration Open
15 September 2010 : Registration Closed:

Organizing committee
Marc Parlange (ENAC-EPFL)
Andrea Rinaldo (ENAC-EPFL)
Anne Nolin (ENAC-EPFL and Oregon University, USA)

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