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Sensorscope and Climate change

Dr Martine Rebetez, climatologist at IIE-EPFL, says "Sensorscope solar meteo-stations, which are spread all over Switzerland, will improve and/or advance our knowledge and understanding of global climatic phenomonon"...

For information: SensorScope is a new generation of measurement system based on a wireless sensor network with built-in capacity to produce high temporal and spatial density measures. By gathering the most recent results from a large range of research domains, this system aims at providing the fundamental tools that will help in taking care of our environment.

Check out Sensorscope program which involve many teams within EPFL and in particular IIE: sensorscope.epfl.ch

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NEW-Professorship of SOIL COMPLEXITY

Faculty Position in Environmental Engineering

EPFL's School of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering (ENAC) has opened a search for a Full Professor of Soil Complexity.

Soil complexity is broadly defined, and applicants from all pertinent scientific backgrounds are encouraged. Example research domains: biogeochemical functioning and feedbacks with physical processes, soil as an organizing and organized part of the environment, robustness of complex soil systems to stresses such as hydrological manifestations of climate change, role of soil systems in the global CO2 budget, soil interactions with ecosystem functions and soil as a provider of ecosystem services.

We are seeking applications from highly qualified environmental engineers and scientists committed to a career in research and teaching, with a strong record of novel accomplishments, competitive grant funding and an interdisciplinary, collaborative vision. A broad range of activities is envisaged, as is the ability to collaborate across disciplines.

Successful candidates are expected to initiate independent, creative research programs and participate in undergraduate and graduate teaching. Substantial start-up resources will be available. We offer internationally competitive salaries and benefits.

Applications should include a rsum with a list of publications, a concise statement of research and teaching interests, and the names and addresses (including e-mail addresses) of at least five referees. Applications should be submitted electronically to

enac.epfl.ch/page24888-fr.html by 31 August 2009, when formal screening of applications will begin.

Informal enquiries can be made to:

Professor Andrew Barry, Director

Environmental Engineering Institute

School of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Ecole polytechnique fdrale de Lausanne

CH-1015 Lausanne, Switzerland

Mailto: andrew.barry@epfl.ch

Ph. +41 (21) 693 55 76

Fax. +41 (21) 693 80 35

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SHF - Conference Lyon (F) on 24 and 25 November 2009


24-25 novembre 2009 / Lyon et Grenoble (France)

On assiste depuis quelques annes un renouveau des modles physiques, dans tous les domaines de l’hydraulique. Malgr une volution rapide de la modlisation mathmatique, notamment 3D, le modle physique reste un outil incontournable pour valider certains rsultats ou remplacer le modle mathmatique quand celui-ci trouve ses limites. Les avances rcentes en termes d’instrumentation et moyens de mesures des phnomnes, ont permis de redonner un nouvel lan aux modles rduits, qui, ont toute leur place dans la panoplie des outils disposition des matres d’ouvrage et des bureaux d’tudes.

C’est pourquoi la SHF organise les 24 et 25 novembre prochains un colloque pour prsenter l’importance et l’utilit de ces outils.

Le programme est disponible sur le site de la SHF l’adresse :

Autres manifestations venir :

22-23 septembre 2009, Paris: Morphodynamique et dbits solides dans les estuaires, les baies et les deltas : 31es journes de l’hydraulique de la SHF




A l'occasion du centenaire de la crue de 1910, la SHF, en collaboration avec l'IIBRBS et la DIREN IdF, organise un colloque scientifique sur les grandes crues, leur gestion et leurs impacts.

9-11 juin 2010, Nice : SIMHYDRO : Logiciels de mcanique des fluides, hydroinformatique, simulation et incertitudes – APPEL A COMMUNICATIONS -

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Open positions at IIE

EFLUM (Environmental Fluid Mechanics Laboratory): eflum.epfl.ch/news/Postdoc_positions2009.pdf

LTE (Environmental Remote Sensing Laboratory): lte.epfl.ch/positions.shtml

LMCE (Environmental Chemistry Modeling Laboratory) : lmce.epfl.ch/positions.en.shtml

DISAL (Distributed Intelligent Systems and Algorithms Laboratory): www5.epfl.ch/swis/page2209.html

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Luca Rossi, ECOL - Micropollutants "Biocides"

TSR 1 - 22 June 2009: L'industrie des matriaux de construction incorpore jusqu' trois cent tonnes de substances chimiques dans les peintures

Dr Luca Rossi, an active senior scientist at ECOL, has been interviewed on the effect of biocides found in wastewater sewage systems and their impacts on the environment with his colleague, Dr Nathalie Chve from UNIL. As a matter of fact and although Swiss regulations in the matter are quite restrictive, the house painting industry too often adds biocides to other materials (typically liquids) to protect them against biological infestation and growth. The impacts on the environment are quite devastating; however, those on humans has not been discovered yet.


For information: a biocide is a chemical substance capable of killing living organisms, usually in a selective way. Biocides are substances widely used for material protection products (MPPs). They have a specific mode of action against algae and fungi to reduce microbial deterioration. Plant protection products (PPP) used in urban and rural areas may have the same active ingredients. The PPPs contain active ingredients appropriate for both agricultural and non-agricultural purposes. MPPs including such biocides have widespread applications in urban areas, e.g. for treatment of wood, concrete, paints, and roofs. Their use as fungicides and algicides in facades (paints and plaster) is the current state of art for material protection of buildings. Similar applications of MPPs are known or expected for plastic membranes on flat roofs. The leaching process of MPPs is expected to be the main source of biocides in urban areas. However, there is a lack of knowledge in this field.

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EFLUM previous postdoc wins the 2009 Fondation Latsis Internationale prize

Dr Elie Bou-Zeid, previously a postdoctoral research fellow at EFLUM, has been awarded the 2009 prize by the "Fondation Latsis Internationale".

He was also recently appointed Assistant Tenure Track Professor (PATT) at Princeton University (USA).


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CIPEL Commission aims to cut phosphates from lake Leman

An international commission launches a campaign to encourage consumers in the Lake Geneva region to use phosphate-free dishwashing detergent in a bid to improve water quality. Although phosphorous levels in the lake have radically improved in the past 30 years, they remain above the levels needed to discourage growth of algae, blamed for harming marine life by starving it of oxygen.

more: www.swisster.ch/en/news/society/commission-aims-to-cut-phosphates-from-lake_117-1907016

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ETH board - 4 June 2009

IIE is pleased to forward ETH board's latest appointments:

WSL member of the directorate: Prof. Dr. Alexandre Buttler (born 1954), recognised researcher and expert in the field of ecosystems research, is currently group leader of the research unit on community ecology, head of the WSL site in Lausanne, and adjunct professor at IIE-EPF Lausanne in ecological systems (ECOS).


Tenure track assistant professor Dr. Rizlan Bernier-Latmani (born 1972), is a recognised researcher in geobiology and a specialist in the combination of genomic, microscopic, and spectroscopic methodologies for researching the metallic transformations of microorganisms. Her current appointment as tenure track assistant professor for environmental microbiology at IIE-EPFL has been extended.

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a recognition to DISAL

DISAL, Distributed Intelligent Systems and Algorithms Laboratory, is proud to announce the nomination of one of its former PhD student, Dr Nikolaus Correll, as tenure-track Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder, USA.

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Agroscope: Les multiples facettes de l'rosion en Suisse visibles sur internet

Le public peut dcouvrir gratuitement sur internet les multiples facettes de l'rosion du sol. Un chercheur de l'institut Agroscope de Reckenholz-Tnikon, prs de Zurich, y a publi plus de 700 photos d'rosion prises dans des champs du canton de Berne.

L'rosion reprsente un problme srieux pour l'agriculture. Selon les simulations du chercheur Volker Prasuhn qui tudie le phnomne dans les champs bernois depuis 12 ans, elle entrane la perte annuelle de prs de 840'000 tonnes de terre sur les parcelles de grandes cultures suisses.

Cela reprsente la surface d'un terrain de football couvert d'une couche de terre de 100 mtres. Sur la plateforme en ligne Picasa Web album de Google, le public peut dcouvrir des rainures, des rigoles, des cuvettes, des sillons et autres traces de ravinages.

Classe en 38 galeries diffrentes, la slection de photos prsente les formes, les causes, les consquences de l'rosion et les mesures prventives rpertories par culture. Un texte d'accompagnement fournit de brves explications et il existe une fonction diaporama.

from Swisscom news online 11 June 2009

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