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Unlock solution for 1.1.1 firmware

A new firmware v1.1.1 is available in iTunes since a few days. Amongst many little improvements and bug fixes, it notably adds a new iTunes store. If, after unlocking your 1.0.2 iPhone with the anySIM solution, you decide to benefit from these new features and perform the update, you end up with a useless bricked iPhone. This is believed to be intentional by Apple! There is however a solution since yesterday, that I of course tried right away! Unlock your iPhone with the iPhoneSimFree v1.6 software, then use iNdependence v1.2.3 for the remaining. I now have an unlocked iPhone in v1.1.1 running fine, yeah!
Posted by François Bonzon on Wednesday 17 October 2007 at 4:56