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Pair your Apple Remote

The newer macs come with a handy infrared remote control. Out of the box, any remote control can control any mac. This can bring very funny situations in the classroom, where, while the teacher shows a presentation from his laptop, the students move the slides back and forward, and the teacher going crazy because he thinks his machine is buggy! To cope with this, simply "pair" your Apple Remote with your computer, so that only your personal Apple Remote can control your laptop. To achieve this, hold down the Forward and Menu keys for a few seconds, until your screen shows a successful pairing. If you later decide to remove the pairing, head over to the Security preference pane, and click the Unpair button (see picture). If you have Boot Camp installed on your Intel mac, the procedure to pair the remote control is the same in Windows.
Posted by François Bonzon on Wednesday 5 December 2007 at 23:28