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Apple Store opening in Geneva
An Apple Store opened yesterday in Geneva at Rue de Rive, and is the first in Switzerland. Several hundreds people were waiting in line for the opening at 5 pm, including myself. The main reason was the first lucky 1500 visitors received a free Apple T-shirt! The store is pretty much the same than an Apple Store in the US. Same furniture, same Genius Bar, etc. iPhones 3G are on sale only with a two years contract with Swisscom or Orange, just like in their respective stores. A second swiss Apple Store opens today in Zurich.
Posted by François Bonzon at 18:35
Media Browser
Eh oui, Mozilla nous a apporté Firefox, Thunderbird, Sunbird et Bugzilla. Mozilla nous offre maintenant un complément à iTunes, le magnifique Songbird. Songbird est un lecteur de musique intégré à un browser web détectant automatiquement la musique disponible sur le site et vous propose de la downloader comme sur le iTunes Store (iTMS) d'Apple. L'avantage de ce browser-media, c'est qu'il lit les fichiers audio protégés vendus sur le iTMS (pourvu que la machine soit autorisée dans iTunes).
Posted by Thomas Gruet at 15:16
L'iPhone en Suisse chez Swisscom?
Interview par Le Temps de Carsten Schloter, directeur de Swisscom, à propos de l'iPhone. Rien d'officiel encore, mais à l'entendre, cela ne m'étonnerait pas que Apple choisisse Swisscom pour le distribuer en Suisse...

Posted by François Bonzon at 4:22
Unlock solution for 1.1.1 firmware
A new firmware v1.1.1 is available in iTunes since a few days. Amongst many little improvements and bug fixes, it notably adds a new iTunes store. If, after unlocking your 1.0.2 iPhone with the anySIM solution, you decide to benefit from these new features and perform the update, you end up with a useless bricked iPhone. This is believed to be intentional by Apple! There is however a solution since yesterday, that I of course tried right away! Unlock your iPhone with the iPhoneSimFree v1.6 software, then use iNdependence v1.2.3 for the remaining. I now have an unlocked iPhone in v1.1.1 running fine, yeah!
Posted by François Bonzon at 4:56
My iPhone unlocked!
I was waiting for two months for this moment, and it happened two days ago: a software solution to unlock the iPhone is now available! Yeah! Moreover, it's free! The entire procedure is easy and no longer than 15 minutes to complete, thanks to the anySIM GUI application from the iPhone Dev Team.

My iPhone can now be used with any GSM carrier, and not only with AT&T in the USA like Apple intended. I am able to receive calls and SMS on my iPhone with my pretty own M-Budget Mobile SIM card, on the Swisscom network.

You have an iPhone? Or you don't? Or even maybe you plan to get one later? Anyways, if you are reading this, leave a comment! Because I suspect only Isatis and myself known about this blog so far...

(Originally published September 20, 2007)
Posted by François Bonzon at 17:49