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Famous SQL queries

$ SELECT finger FROM hand WHERE id=3;

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Posted by Franois Bonzon at 14:41
Des accus de geek par excellence
Voici une photo des piles de ma souris chrie.
Posted by Thomas Gruet at 13:50
iPhone SMS bug
It's been almost a week now that I'm proudly using my unlocked iPhone, and I really love it! I quickly discovered a very annoying bug in the SMS application, however. A lot of SMS messages originating from the Internet do not bear a real phone number with digits as Sender number, but an arbitrary alphanumeric string. Those SMS with a string as sender are not displayed on the iPhone! Tested with latest firmware 1.0.2.

They are received by the phone and acknowledged to the carrier, but the iPhone software is not able to decode them and simply ignores them. Technically - and that's highly geeky stuff! - those are SMS where the PDU string has a Type-of-address octet for the Sender number set to 0xD0, for "Alphanumeric" encoded in GSM TS 03.38 7-bit default alphabet.

I discovered this issue after performing a refill of my prepaid SIM card. I usually receive a SMS confirming the amount added to my account, but did not this time. After sending myself several SMS from the Internet with an alphanumeric sender, and seeing all those with status Received on the sending log, the bug is obvious. I googled to check if other iPhone users have the same issue, and found topics on the bladox.com and hackint0sh.org forums. Apple, please fix this!

(Originally published September 23, 2007)
Posted by Franois Bonzon at 17:51
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