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Joël Arnold

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Science, spring 2005
Posted by Joël Arnold at 20:29
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La Tine de Conflens, spring 2005
Posted by Joël Arnold at 12:22
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Cap Corse, summer 2004
Posted by Joël Arnold at 8:42
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Le Creux-du-Van, summer 2004
Posted by Joël Arnold at 12:33
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Oh, I had an idea !
I found a use for this blog : post those of my photos that I like. You might very well not like them, but, who knows ? And it'll be like an islet of non-technical material in an ocean of differential equations and code listings... I'll try and post once a week.

Near Montreux, spring 2004
Posted by Joël Arnold at 11:55
Blogs, what's the point with them ?
This is my first blog.

Hmm... what shall I write ?

I'm not convinced with the idea. How did you get on my blog in the first place ? Please let me know how you came about to visit it ! I'd be very interested to know.

If you're interested in my academic activities, please see http://www.arn0ld.com

For any other information please email me at joel.arnold@epfl.ch


Joel Arnold
Posted by Joël Arnold at 9:12
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