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Multiagent Systems Course

Applications: Kidney Exchanges

I. Ashlagi and A. Roth, 2011, Individual rationality and participation in large scale, multi-hospital kidney exchange, Working Paper (Short abstract appeared in EC 2011)

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Mechanism Design

M. Benisch and T. Sandholm, 2008, A theory of expressiveness in mechanisms, AAAI 2008

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Mechanism Design

A. Procaccia and M. Tennenholtz, 2009, Approximate mechanism design without money, EC 2009

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Please submit your comments on the following paper

E. Birrell and R. Pass, 2011, Approximately strategy-proof voting, IJCAI 2011

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Human Computation Papers

Please submit a short description of the paper you discovered on human computation. Include the full bibliographic reference as well.

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Human Computation

S. Jain and D. Parkes, 2012, A game-theoretic analysis of games with a purpose, To appear in ACM TEAC

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Interacting with Humans II

You are strongly encouraged to read the following paper.


J. Pita, M. Jain, M. Tambe, F. Ordonez, and S. Kraus, 2010, Robust solutions to Stackelberg games: Addressing bounded rationality and limited observations in human cognition, Artificial Intelligence, Vol 174, pp. 1142-1171.

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Interacting with Humans I

You are required to read and comment on the following papers.


J. Wright and K. Leyton-Brown, 2010, Beyond equilibria: Predicting human behavior in normal form games, AAAI 2010

J. Wright and K. Leyton-Brown, 2012, Behavorial game-theoretic models: A Bayesian framework for parameter analysis, AAMAS 2012

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Lossless abstraction of imperfect information games

Please comment on the following paper before class on April 4. It is available from the course webpage.


A. Gilpin and T. Sandholm, 2007, Lossless abstraction of imperfect information games, Journal of the ACM, Vol 54(5).

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Action graph games

Please comment on the following paper by April 4th before class. It is available from the course webpage.

A. Xiang, K. Leyton-Brown and N. Bhat, 2011, Action-graph games, Games and Economic Behavior, Vol 71, pp. 141-173

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