Hannover Mess 2015, Day 4


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Catch me if you can!

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A very special visitor on Saturday

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And they said, there is always hope

Is there anything you would like to do that you haven’t done yet?

Dr. Shukla: Own a boat.

If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?

Dr. Shukla: I'd contact myself and tell me to not be shy or afraid of the consequences. Instead, go for it.

What will you miss the most from your time as a PhD student in LASA?

Dr. Shukla: The unlimited traveling opportunities.

What advice can you give to new PhD students?

Dr. Shukla: There is always hope, there is always a way.

                                               Of course...You've already missed Satellite and all the nice times we had there together....

What do you feel most guilty about?

Dr. Shukla: Leaving in a hurry with things unfinished.

What’s surprised you most about being a phd student?

Dr. Shukla:As a PhD student, you think you have time, until you don't.

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Ashwini's public defence

A big thanks to everyone for making this evening, and many others, so memorable. The more warmth I receive from you, the more I worry about the fact that "winter is coming" soon for me. I just hope it does not last for long!

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Congratulation Semi (90%) Dr. Shukla


You did the great jobs..:)

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Farewell Seungsu

High purposed we shall traverse realm on realm,
cleaving to none as to a home,
the world of spirit wishes not to fetter us
but raise us higher, step by step.
Scarce in some safe accustomed sphere of life
have we establish a house, then we grow lax;
only he who is ready to journey forth
can throw old habits off.

--hermann-hesse --

"What was the happiest moment of your Phd life?"

I think the happiest moment of my PhD is when I finished my private defense and heard the result from the members of jury. I was so happy about the result and the feeling of completing the 4.5 years of study.

Seungsu, I will definitely miss seeing your head from above the computer screen while working! All the best for the next steps! --Sahar--

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LASA FUN @ IMT Fete 2014!

We had a wonderful time together during the IMT Party hosted at the Neuchatel Microcity. Here we are after a few bottles of champagne, wine, mojitos and food "from around the world".


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There is a city beyond the sky

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