This weekend we decided to put our combined handicrafts to some use and to celebrate the multiculturality of our lab with some pumpkin carving.

After exploring the local market for 3 samples, we were faced with the disturbingly gross problem of emptying them out..

I will confess that the task was beyond my capacity for grossness. However Brenna and Elena were clearly enjoying themselves while doing that.

I guess there's something to spilling a pumpkin's guts...

Apparently i wasn't the only one needing a bit of space and distance from the whole business...

Bloody pulp notwithstading, we managed to bring the carving to completion, thanks also to Eric's arrival.

and as you can see, they do a pretty good job as decorations!

A big kudos to everybody who participated, and a "next time!" to the people that weren't there.


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A human robot

Do we really want humanoid robots to act like humans?

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The Holy Grail


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The holy grail of research

We would have had to add Richard Strauss' score in the background to show the eager and excited attitude with which we started the day today, uncovering The Package left in the lab's living quarters.


The size and shape of the box resembles some of the devices which are a common and reassuring presence in the room



Florent did the honors and opened the box to discover... another box, of roughly the same size, but of a much more explicit nature...


after going through the excellently bundled and designed additional contents


we finally went around to bringing the real deal to light!

Behold the new sublime dispenser of trimethylxanthine which will accompany us in the future.


The first tests are at the very least convincing in color (and Florent tells me the taste is up to the expectations)

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Since the weather didnt cooperate with the programs for the evening, we had to transform the planned bbq into an impromptu apero on the lasa terrace.

True to the weathercast expectations, we got a bit of sun decorated by some drops of refreshing rain (it got really stormy only later in the evening), and we were awarded an excellent all-round rainbow straight out of Elena's dreamy eyes

An excellent event and an opportunity to spend time with some of the former members of the lab.


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Debugging GMR

Debugging is a hard job! Especially when you have to deal with random memory accesses, numerical instabilities and extreme linear algebra routines...
Our Gaussian-Mixture-Regression didn't work and during its debugging we were surpised to notice the beauty of our errors!

Here an incomplete list of the most beatiful casualities that mother nature, combined with statistical methods and a huge dose of our brain's sloweness, gifted us!

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Give us a Hand

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New Arrivals

The Lasa was happy to accept a new member of the family today!

After some geographical and linguistical trouble finding the place, several boxes full of new toys were delivered to the lasa!


The main course of the evening was of course a moderately size coffin...ehm wooden box that engineers and researchers gingerly brought to the lab.


The box revealed itself to be quite properly protected, much to the pleasure of Le Petit Prince who was the only one that bothered to clear the box enough to actually see what was really inside it.


While some people took active part in the ordeal, others took a more observant attitude...


And finally we could get to the cool part: demummification!


We were intrigued by some of the hardware choices, especially in terms of connectivity


But we have to say: the iCub is a beauty! The design on the torso and arms/hands is gorgeous


We're definitely eager to see what it'll be able to do!



And of course since we were at it, we had to try out the iCub coffin for ourselves


With inevitable consequences...


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Snowy dawn on Geneva Airport

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Veni vidi weepy, a TACT adventure

The TACT team flew to rome yesterday for the final meeting and closing chapter of the TACT project. The departure was somewhat delayed by the need to wait one hour for the defrosting truck to come to the plane and shower us with pink anti-frost liquid. (see picture of the week for an idea of what the airport looked like during our wait...)

The meeting went much as expected and was followed by a ludicrously repast consisting in:


  • Affettati misti
  • Formaggi misti
  • Mozzarella di bufala
  • Ricotta al rosmarino
  • Polenta alla romagnola
  • Fagioli al coteghin

Primo piatto

  • Pappardelle ai frutti di mare
  • Bucatini alla Amatriciana

Secondo piatto

  • Verdure e maxi-spiedino misto alla griglia
  • Patate arrosto


  • Choice of Crema Catalana, BoBa al Rhum, Sorbetto, Panna Cotta, Gelato al Cioccolato

The authors would like to make it clear that the meal consisted in ALL of the above, not just in a choice of those...

Dario managed to get all plates down, while getting seconds AND THIRDS of pappardelle ai frutti di mare.


The sounds of the night were improved by rain and thunder that stormed up to the morning, where we had a nice surprise:

The whole Trigoria zone (where the Campus Biomedico resides) was completely flooded.


The Tevere went out of its bounds and the whole city was in disarray.


This allowed us to get to the campus nonetheless, where we were able to participate to the first part of the TACT symposium and attend to part of the talks.


During the coffee break and poster session, we were able to present the wearcam with attitude to an interested public.





Getting to the airport (a couple or 5 hours in advance, just to be sure that we'd actually GET THERE in spite of floods, traffic, and other natural disasters...) we were happy to notice that technological devices used in state-of-the-art  research are available to the public even in italian airports.



And thankfully, the lasa@TACT team was able to make it home safely, weather and turbulence notwithstanding...

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