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GoodBye LASA, Goodbye old friend


Basilio was indeed right that "It is an interesting conundrum when the person responsible for writing the usual farewell blog is also the person that has to say goodbye". It is almost the end of my five and a half fantastic years in LASA. Meeting awesome people, playing with multiple robots, debugging tons of incomprehensible codes, writing some papers/reports and travelling nonstop. Life as a PhD student was indeed a great experience. It has lots of ups and downs which make it interestingly unpredictable. Highly recommended. Thanks a lot LASA, thanks a lot LASA's crew and Thanks a lot Aude, indeed thank you so much. 

Goodbye, farewell and hope to see you again in the lab before and in the apéro after the defences, in the conferences, at barbecues/house-warmings or elsewhere. I am sure we are going to meet a lot and I would make sure that you will not miss me. 

Sina out.

Posted by Seyed Sina Mirrazavi Salehian on Tuesday 26 March 2019 at 0:03