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First Snow

Posted by Basilio Noris at 14:48
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First Snow!

Granted it's not exactly the first snow of the year per-se, but it's definitely the first day it impacted the life of the lab. JB measured 26cm of snow on the balcony early this afternoon, and we're gaining roughly 1.5cm per hour.

And it's a first experience as well for Ashwini, who hasn't had many chances of seeing this phenomenon in his native India. We will now proceed to give him first-hand understanding of what a snowball fight is...

While we can all appreciate the aesthetic appeal of this white cover on the world, and the eerie silence that it brings, we are also aware that snow is: wet, cold and slippery. Take that extra bit of care when driving/walking/jumping/sliding around and enjoy this gorgeous spectacle!


Posted by Basilio Noris at 14:43
The Pumpkins

Posted by Basilio Noris at 11:08

This weekend we decided to put our combined handicrafts to some use and to celebrate the multiculturality of our lab with some pumpkin carving.

After exploring the local market for 3 samples, we were faced with the disturbingly gross problem of emptying them out..

I will confess that the task was beyond my capacity for grossness. However Brenna and Elena were clearly enjoying themselves while doing that.

I guess there's something to spilling a pumpkin's guts...

Apparently i wasn't the only one needing a bit of space and distance from the whole business...

Bloody pulp notwithstading, we managed to bring the carving to completion, thanks also to Eric's arrival.

and as you can see, they do a pretty good job as decorations!

A big kudos to everybody who participated, and a "next time!" to the people that weren't there.


Posted by Basilio Noris at 11:06
A human robot

Do we really want humanoid robots to act like humans?

Posted by Basilio Noris at 18:59
The Holy Grail


Posted by Basilio Noris at 11:32
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The holy grail of research

We would have had to add Richard Strauss' score in the background to show the eager and excited attitude with which we started the day today, uncovering The Package left in the lab's living quarters.


The size and shape of the box resembles some of the devices which are a common and reassuring presence in the room



Florent did the honors and opened the box to discover... another box, of roughly the same size, but of a much more explicit nature...


after going through the excellently bundled and designed additional contents


we finally went around to bringing the real deal to light!

Behold the new sublime dispenser of trimethylxanthine which will accompany us in the future.


The first tests are at the very least convincing in color (and Florent tells me the taste is up to the expectations)

Posted by Basilio Noris at 11:32

Since the weather didnt cooperate with the programs for the evening, we had to transform the planned bbq into an impromptu apero on the lasa terrace.

True to the weathercast expectations, we got a bit of sun decorated by some drops of refreshing rain (it got really stormy only later in the evening), and we were awarded an excellent all-round rainbow straight out of Elena's dreamy eyes

An excellent event and an opportunity to spend time with some of the former members of the lab.


Posted by Basilio Noris at 21:44
Debugging GMR

Debugging is a hard job! Especially when you have to deal with random memory accesses, numerical instabilities and extreme linear algebra routines...
Our Gaussian-Mixture-Regression didn't work and during its debugging we were surpised to notice the beauty of our errors!

Here an incomplete list of the most beatiful casualities that mother nature, combined with statistical methods and a huge dose of our brain's sloweness, gifted us!

Posted by Dario Poggiali at 15:05
Give us a Hand

Posted by Basilio Noris at 0:35
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