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LASA in transit
For some of the LASA in transit, the trip started at the wee hours of the night. Some had to get up at ungodly hours to leave far away parts of switzerland in order to get to Zurich Airport. Others had more reasonably started the journey the night before and were at a relatively short distance from the airport, postponing the wake up alarm by a couple or four hours compared to the rest.

Once to the airport, through the check-in and customs (which went astoundingly swiftly) a well earned 30 minutes rest (for some) or cause for excitement (for others)

Note: notice Marino's impressive achievements in preparing for the american adventure..

The trip went rather well, long but not too much, some slept, others worked, others did both or neither...

Despite the somewhat confusing instructions of both street signs and the car gps

we managed to get to our appartment complex, which is huge and provided with pool and jacuzzi open till midnight (we had our chance to test that out yesterday, drinking beers (or a coke in my case) in the jacuzzi and discussing with a couple of garrulous locals...)

A last surprise for our travel-weary and very tired heros: the 5 keys to our appartment didnt work and we had to roam around for another half hour to get the ludicrously british security guard to bring us new keys!
Posted by Basilio Noris at 16:14
And off they go
The subset of people involved in the ICRA trip have spent their day today prepping for departure:

To be sure the luggage would fit the weight limitations, the engineers came up with original solutions coming back to the good old laws of physics..

And in perfect time to not get thrown out of the lab by the Balelec people, everything (hopefully...) got packed properly:
Posted by Basilio Noris at 18:07
The Hoap goes to Town
Four intrepid adventurers have braved the streets and roads of city and country yesterday to film a dancing hoap3 on different locations!

While we had some issues, like getting 6 airplanes to land while we were preparing the hoap and then waiting for 30 minutes for a single easyjet plane to land while the hoap was NOT calibrated..

most of the trip was quite enjoyable...

We discovered the hoap is quite shy of the sun, (or of other people standing around). It seems to calibrate properly only when he does it behind his privacy towel...

All in all this didnt impede it to enjoy his day out...
Posted by Basilio Noris at 9:11
The hoap takes a vacation to the terrasse
The hoap takes a vacation to the terrasse

The LASA took the hoap for a short break on the balcony yesterday.

After a stuttering start (working the fuel generator took no less than 5 engineers and a good dose of muscle stretching) the unplugged system worked and the hoap awarded us with a nice dance under the bright sun!

Posted by Basilio Noris at 16:30
Sneak attack on the WISH food
Behind the scenes of this year's Wish Foundation Award ceremony, the LASA found themselves in a dire moral dilemma with those loads of tasty sweets in the common room.

Some were able to resist... others not so much so...

Posted by Basilio Noris at 16:22
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