Comings and goings

As summer comes on, bathing the lab in sunlight, scorching the skin of some, heating the office of others, it is time of holidays and departures.

After a 10 week visit, Saurav will be going back home to India. Having you around has been interesting, captivating and fun, and we're looking forward to your return (next year?). Other people will be leaving soon, either going back to their homes or going forward to where their careers and lives will carry them. To them we will say farewell and good luck.

and of course, Saurav deserved the obligatory Goodbye Slap:

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A Robot Christmas

A contribution from all the lab to wish everybody happy holidays, merry christmas, yuletide or the religious tradition that correpond to you, and a great new year!









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Eau de Lasa

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New Beginnings

Summer is coming, and it brings changes in the lives of a number of the people in the lab. Indeed, they have decided to join their lives to that of their significant others, and celebrate weddings all around the globe. I would like to congratulate them for their decision, and wish them happiness and joy.


The life of a researcher is peculiar in that it is not clearly divided in a 9am-6pm work schedule, but rather it is a constant modulation of thinking, learning, discussing, forgetting and thinking again. It can start in the middle of the night and end the following weekend. In this type of daily existence, having someone who helps, supports, entertains, or simply shares time, events and worries makes life easier and gives a constant anchor to face every new day positively. And this is true just as much if that someone is on the other side of the planet for half of the year or across the campus each day.


So a big hug and cheer to you for finding that someone and deciding to make vows to one another and announce the new unity you are creating in front of your family, your closest friends, your God or your fellow citizens.



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First Snow

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First Snow!

Granted it's not exactly the first snow of the year per-se, but it's definitely the first day it impacted the life of the lab. JB measured 26cm of snow on the balcony early this afternoon, and we're gaining roughly 1.5cm per hour.

And it's a first experience as well for Ashwini, who hasn't had many chances of seeing this phenomenon in his native India. We will now proceed to give him first-hand understanding of what a snowball fight is...

While we can all appreciate the aesthetic appeal of this white cover on the world, and the eerie silence that it brings, we are also aware that snow is: wet, cold and slippery. Take that extra bit of care when driving/walking/jumping/sliding around and enjoy this gorgeous spectacle!


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The Pumpkins

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This weekend we decided to put our combined handicrafts to some use and to celebrate the multiculturality of our lab with some pumpkin carving.

After exploring the local market for 3 samples, we were faced with the disturbingly gross problem of emptying them out..

I will confess that the task was beyond my capacity for grossness. However Brenna and Elena were clearly enjoying themselves while doing that.

I guess there's something to spilling a pumpkin's guts...

Apparently i wasn't the only one needing a bit of space and distance from the whole business...

Bloody pulp notwithstading, we managed to bring the carving to completion, thanks also to Eric's arrival.

and as you can see, they do a pretty good job as decorations!

A big kudos to everybody who participated, and a "next time!" to the people that weren't there.


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A human robot

Do we really want humanoid robots to act like humans?

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The Holy Grail


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