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LifeV 0.3 released
Bugs fixed in 0.3.0:
* Fixed (hopefully) mpi autoconf check (CP)
* Fixed petsc support, require petsc2.2 now (CP)
* Fixed testsuite/test_linearsolvers (CP)

New in 0.3.0:
* Added more tests in testsuite/lifealg for linearsolvers (CP)
* Replaced values.{h,c}pp with sparseArray.{h,c}pp (LF & CP)
* Added 1D model solver for blood flow simulation (VM)
* Added vector norms in lifealg/vectorNorms.{h,c}pp (CP)
* Added reaction term in masstransport (MP)
* Embedded library and testsuite code into the LifeV namespace (CP)
* Ported all tests to GetPot (CP)
* Ported all tests to this framework (CP)
41 running tests are available
3 nonautomatic (disabled) tests (test_fsi_*, test_ns_sstress)
* New unit testing framework : we use AutoTest(from autoconf) (CP)
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LifeV 0.2 released
Finally 0.2 is out. You can download LifeV from


Here is a non exhaustive list of changes:

Bugs fixed in 0.2.0:
* Fixed tarball and distcheck target
* Removed lifearray values.{h,c}pp, they are superseded by
* Do not fail if pdflatex is not present

Bugs fixed in 0.2.0-pre1:
* Bug #23: "fixed wrong assembly in elemOper.cpp in stiff_sd" (MP)
* Bug #27: "No rule to make target `admin/acinclude.m4.in'" (CP)
* Bug #19: "Missing mesh (carotid.m++) in test_ns_sstress" (AV)

Tasks completed in 0.2.0-pre1:
* Task #104: "Generate new directory layout" (CP)
* Task #105: "move files into proper new directories" (CP & LF)
* Task #109: "Convection Reaction Diffusion solver implementation" (MP)

New in 0.2.0-pre1:
* Added area debugging see LDebug class (CP)
* Added a petsc interface in lifealfg, see SolverPETSC class (CP)
* Changed interface to vecUnknown classes: no need to use .vec() anymore
fixed speed issues at the same time (CP)
* Updated libtool scripts (CP)
* Added configure check for parmetis (at least 3.1) (CP)
* Added configure check for petsc (at least 2.1.6) (CP)
* Added configure check for umfpack (at least 4.3) (CP)
* Added configure check for mpi (CP)
* Updated api documentation generation(CP)
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LifeV blog just came to life :). Two categories were created

- general : general information about LifeV
- release : information about new releases
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