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The meeting material for 15.01 personal meeting is uploaded

Dear Juergen,

As title, the meeting material has been uploaded onto blog.

Thank you.

Posted by Yi-Chiang Sun at 14:33
Material is uploaded onto blog

Dear Juergen,

I have uploaded the material for personal meeting tomorrow.

Thank you.

Posted by Yi-Chiang Sun at 17:50
Slides are uploaded onto blog

Dear Juergen,

I upload the slides onto blog for tomorrow's personal meeting, thanks.

Posted by Yi-Chiang Sun at 17:10

Hi Jack,

do you have some slides for our discussion today?



Posted by Jürgen Brugger at 9:27
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thank you Jack for the slides.

if you have time, next time, please use the epfl template so that you keep the same format for later when you give talks and share your slides with me.


Posted by Jürgen Brugger at 21:44
First meeting

hello ...

Posted by Jürgen Brugger at 9:56