Lost And Found

Asus black laptop charger


I cannot find my laptop charger anymore, I suppose I may have lost it at the university. If I did, it could probably be found in CO121, mondey afternoon after professor Fasoli's lecture. Please contact me if found.



+39 3349636509

Posted by Andrea Cavaliere at 20:32
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HF and VHF handouts


I lost my handouts of 'HF and VHF circuits and techniques I'. It has a green cover and there is the title on it.

Please contact me at luca.capua@epfl.ch if you found it!


Posted by Luca Capua at 7:51
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USB key

Hi there,


I left my USB key SanDisk Cruzerlide on a printer, it's red and black and has a festival bracelet attached to the end (it's written something on it: "Bal HERS 2015").

If you find it could you please contact me at the adress oceane.hames@epfl.ch?

Thanks a lot,



Posted by Océane Hames at 22:17
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LOST MOBILE 07.09.2017


I lost my samsung phone in a black case today around 12 in the PHH building.

The background picture is of Harry Potter and Hagrid, lol

I would really love to get it back. If you have it, contact me on sara.davinomar@epfl.ch


Posted by Laura Sofia Segura Ibarra at 21:47
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I found girls bracelet Swarowski brend in front of Rolex. 


Posted by Jana Konstantinova at 17:28
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Lost Apple Pencil


If someone finds an Apple Pencil lying lonely somewhere on the campus please contact me, I've lost mine on friday most probably at EPFL.


Posted by Jeniffer Lima Graf at 21:16
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I have lost my keys. The keychain is made of metal, clips type, and clip doesn't work properly because the spring of the keychain is broken. There are a black bottle opener and 3 keys. It is written Satellite on this black bottle opener. I don't know the keys brand but there are 2 regular size keys and 1 small one (mailbox). One of the regular size key is KESO type.

If you found, please contact me on tafarel.deavilaferreira@epfl.ch

Posted by Tafarel De Avila Ferreira at 0:44
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Found phone

I found a black iphone wih a black cover next to the INJ building.



+41 786846096

Posted by Kirtan Shyamal Padh at 11:47
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Small black notebook lost

I lost my notebook last week, I think in the bathrooms close to the cafeteria Vinci. 

It would be great if you could contact me in case you have found it.



Posted by Vanessa Carle at 10:38
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Lost backpack


Yesterday I lost my university backpack with my laptop and notes in it. I believe I might have left it on the patch of "grass" next to the entrance to GR, opposite Satellite. If anyone has found it, I would be infinitely grateful. It is a black backpack that looks like the one below. If found, please contact me at gabriel.sonnet@epfl.ch. Thank you!

Posted by Gabriel Sonnet at 14:54
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