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Lost And Found

Lost my black umbrella


last weekend I brought a small black umbrella to INM.

If you see it or you have found it please let me know (joseph.vavala@epfl.ch).

Thanks in advance!



Posted by Joseph Vavalà at 17:51
Lost my camprio card


I lost my camprio card. I hope someone can find it. 

Merve Turhan

Posted by Merve Turhan at 0:46

I lost my water bottle.  Anyone who finds  it please contact me :)




Posted by Setenay Saglam at 9:51
Brown leather jacket in CE3 or CM1

I lost a brown leather jacket in CE3 or CM1 on October 14th around noon. There is a key in one of the pocket and some documents. If you find it, shoot me an email at samuel.bosch@epfl.ch or just drop it off in my office INF326. Thank you!

Posted by Samuel Bosch at 17:19
Lost sunglasses (and case)

I lost a pair of black sunglasses (Ray-Ban Wayfarer style but not branded Ray-Ban) with correction that came in a black soft case (see image) that was already slightly broken around the seam.

Many thanks in advance. Please contact me at fabian.schilling@epfl.ch

Posted by Fabian Schilling at 15:50
BOSE soundsport headphones

During the last few days I lost my pair of BOSE soundsport headphones; they are old-style Bluetooth headphones with a cable. If you have found them, please contact me at giulio.terrasanta@epfl.ch.

Many thanks in advance.

Posted by Giulio Terrasanta at 7:59
Lost an NFC blue rubber band


yesterday 27 of February of 2019 I lost a blue rubber band.
This bracelet is pretty important for me since it is an NFC tag used to open doors.

If you have found it and can return it, it would be great and much appreciated. 

Thanks in advance!

Email: adrian.garciaespinosa@epfl.ch

Posted by Adrian Garcia Espinosa at 9:33
Lost a Contigo Travel mug


I unfortunately left my Contigo travel mug somewhere in PH building and can no longer find it. It has silver colored body, and blue/grey lid. It is my everyday companion for coffee and tea, so if you have found it and can return it, it would be great and much appreciated. 

Thanks in advance!

Posted by Yikai Yang at 15:00
Lost: green earring

Hello, I lost a green circular earring with the design of a tree inside. Most likely in the CH building. It has a sentimental value to me so please if you find it let me know and I'll owe you a cup of coffee every day for a week. 



Posted by Karen Gemayel at 12:54
Lost a pair of gloves

Hi! I lost a pair of gloves by the brand The North Face. It's fleece textured, olive green. I believe I lost them at the entrance of the PH building on the north side, by room PH D0 423 and PH D0 435.

Please let me know if you have found them, I would really appreciate it, especially in this season. Thanks!

Email: yikai.yang@epfl.ch

Possible location: https://plan.epfl.ch/?room==PH%20D0%2094.2

Posted by Yikai Yang at 9:12
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