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Lost And Found

Lost Sweater


Today in CO2 I lost my sweater. It's black with a white star in the center.

It could be great if you had good news.



Posted by Camilla Carta at 14:32
Pocketbook ebook reader


My Pocketbook ebook reader (which looks like this: http://www.pocketbook-int.com/sites/default/files/upload/devicies_allscreen-02.jpg) is missing along with a black bag that contains some documents and a USB cable, besides the ebook reader itself. The last time I recall using the device was at Parmentier in the evening at about 1830hrs. It has been missing since then.

I would be inexplicably grateful if someone could help me retrieve it. Please contact me at 0788814213 if you know some details about it.

Many thanks,


Posted by Chidambaram Annamalai at 8:27
Keys near the metro

Yesterday (26.09.2013) at almost midnight I found a keychain close to the metro stop of EPFL. If it is your please contact me.

Posted by Abdallah Alaaeldin Abdelaziz Elguindy at 14:07
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Cosmetic pouch

I have lost my pouch ( white cloth bag) in INM buiding or CM probably..in a washroom

In the bag, there are little kinds of cosmetics and cable wire..

If somebody found it, please contact me.

078 956 6242

Thank you for your responce in advance

Posted by Umji Lee at 17:02
Lost jacket + keys

I lost my jacket yesterday at the welcome day (at around 17 - 17.30), I left it on the grass right next to the main cafeteria, where the semicircle steps are... It is a blue G-Star Raw jacket with a pair of keys in one of the pockets (my house and bike keys...) If anyone found it by any chance I would be very thankfull if you could contact me. 

email: stefanopoliti@hotmail.it


Thank you very much,

Stefano Politi


Posted by Stefano Politi at 18:28
Found a fitbit

Hi, I found a fitbit (small fitness tracker) like a dongle near the EPFL bus stop. I mistakenly stepped on it, though its still working. If it yours, please contact me at amit.gupta@epfl.ch or 786719118.



Posted by Amit Gupta at 15:43
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Lost Keys
I have lost my keys, the key chain has pictures of New York and it is holding 5 keys. If you have found them, please let me know. 
Thank you very much for your attention and sorry for disturbing
Have a nice day

Laura Victoria Suárez Murillo 


CH J2 494, Station 6


Tel: 0789643601, or 30366 (EPFL)



Posted by Laura Victoria Suárez Murillo at 9:38
Grill missing


the TCL is missing its grill. The grill was standing in between the buildings ELG and ELD. Please contact us if you have seen it. The grill is a OutdoorChef model Easy Charcoal 570

Thanks for any information.

Best regards,

the TCL members

Christian Senning

Telecommunications Circuits Laboratory
Institute of EE, Faculty of Engineering
Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL)
EPFL-STI-IEL-TCL, ELG 011, Station 11
1015 Lausanne, Switzerland

E-Mail: christian.senning@epfl.ch
Posted by Carl Christian Sten Dominic Senning at 14:09
Lost Keys


I lost my keys recently, but I dont know the exact day. It is so easy to recognize it. It has a guitar shaped watch with the keys. If you find it please call 0789048828 or send an e-mail to meric.ataman@epfl.ch or bring it to Lost/Found desk.

Thank you


Posted by Meriç Ataman at 17:21

Après mon cours en CM6(vendredie, 31.06), mes lunettes sont disparu. Quelqu'un les ont trouvé? 

lunette: brun et de giorgio armani.

Posted by Philipp Henestrosa at 16:14
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