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Lost And Found

Nokia N3

Found Nokia N3 on February 28 close to EPFL on the way to Renens.

Probably fell out of the pocket while the person was driving by bike.

The phone requires a PIN code.

Shoot me an email on daniil.dmitriev@epfl.ch!

Posted by Daniil Dmitriev at 23:30
Lost an NFC blue rubber band


yesterday 27 of February of 2019 I lost a blue rubber band.
This bracelet is pretty important for me since it is an NFC tag used to open doors.

If you have found it and can return it, it would be great and much appreciated. 

Thanks in advance!

Email: adrian.garciaespinosa@epfl.ch

Posted by Adrian Garcia Espinosa at 9:33
Lost a Contigo Travel mug


I unfortunately left my Contigo travel mug somewhere in PH building and can no longer find it. It has silver colored body, and blue/grey lid. It is my everyday companion for coffee and tea, so if you have found it and can return it, it would be great and much appreciated. 

Thanks in advance!

Posted by Yikai Yang at 15:00
Lost: green earring

Hello, I lost a green circular earring with the design of a tree inside. Most likely in the CH building. It has a sentimental value to me so please if you find it let me know and I'll owe you a cup of coffee every day for a week. 



Posted by Karen Gemayel at 12:54
Lost a pair of gloves

Hi! I lost a pair of gloves by the brand The North Face. It's fleece textured, olive green. I believe I lost them at the entrance of the PH building on the north side, by room PH D0 423 and PH D0 435.

Please let me know if you have found them, I would really appreciate it, especially in this season. Thanks!

Email: yikai.yang@epfl.ch

Possible location: https://plan.epfl.ch/?room==PH%20D0%2094.2

Posted by Yikai Yang at 9:12
Lost light pink Iphone 7


I lost my phone (a golden pink colored iphone 7 with a light pink plastic case) today around 14h-15h, either in the silent area in Rolex or on the road leading to BS 150 from Rolex, passing infront of L'Epicure, and up the stairs leading to the BS hall. 

If you think you might have found my phone, please do write me an email at taragokay@bluewin.ch or taragokay@epfl.ch and drop the phone to EPFL's lost and found which is located next to the information station on Esplanade. 

Happy Holidays,

Tara Gokay (21/12/18)


Posted by Tara Gökay at 19:47
Lost Pencil Case CM 1

Left my small black pencil case in CM1 today (Thursday 20/12/2018) at 12-13h. The material is a net type material and is about 20cm in length and a round shape.


If anyone has taken this or found it please send me a message at +41 79 552 11 85.


Thank you!!

Posted by Gavin Keenyan Lee at 18:32
Money found on the ground in the CM building's entrance next to the Credit Suisse branch


I have found an amount of money minutes ago on the ground in the CM building's entrance next to the Credit Suisse branch, Please contact me through my email (amin.hodaei@epfl.ch) and tell me the exact amount so I will send it back to you.



Posted by Amin Hodaei at 21:17
Found maestro credit suisse

I found a maestro credit suisse this morning on the stairs outside in direction PH building. I will not tell you the name on the carte to make sure that I will give it to the right person. But call me if you miss your maestro.  +41762046200 Marie B. 

Posted by Marie Bischoff at 11:43
Black Beats headphones LOST


I lost my balck beats headphone in the GE building around 8 am. I really appreciate if somenoe who found it can call me. 


Best Regards,


Posted by Mohammad Tohidivahdat at 18:29
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