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Lost And Found

Lost blue corrected persol glasses

model po3007v, with anti-reflection treatment (slight blue reflection)

I lost them approximately 3 weeks ago!


Posted by Alvaro Lino Boris Charlet at 12:33
Lost blue wallet near denner

Hello everyone, I lost a blue wallet yesterday. It has my residence permit and other important cards. Please let me know if anyone finds it.

thanks in advance!


Dinner on me if anyone finds it.

Monisha rastogi

contact +41 779780858

email: acemonisha7@gmail.com

Posted by Monisha Rastogi at 14:58
Lost my beanie


last Friday 23.03 at about 9 am I lost my beanie color bordeaux on the M1 towards Renens!

Posted by Enrica Scolari at 16:47
Keys lost around epfl metro station at yesterday night, 21 March


I lost my keys around m1 epfl metro station, probably dropped on the staircases when I was rushing to catch the metro. There are three keys on the key ring. 

If you find them, please contact me. My email address is hui.chen@epfl.ch. Or call me +41 77 923 91 06. Thanks a lot !!!!


Posted by Hui Chen at 9:30
Lost permit in BC building

Yesterday, March 19th, I lost my permit in the printing machine in 2nd floor of Building BC, the one close to room BC 232.

If anyone found it yesterday, please contact me at bin.jin@epfl.ch or directly come to my office at BC 318. Thanks 

Posted by Bin Jin at 12:32
Lost Headphones

J’ai perdu mes écouteurs jaunes dans le batîment Méca sur une table à l’entrée. Si vous les avez trouvés, svp  contactez-moi par mail : setenay.saglam@epfl.ch 

I lost my yellow headphones in the meca building (just on a table  in the entry) at around  12-13h. Please contact me if you have seen them. 

Posted by Setenay Saglam at 14:05
Black charger ASUS

Hi, i have lost my asus charger at BS150, if found please contact me at 0787164456 or send me an e-mail at amine_atallah@outlook.com.


Posted by Amine Atallah at 19:21

Hi everyone.

I`ve lost my white WD-Harddrive (Western Digital) in a black sleeve in the end of january propably in the Rolex. The harddrive is named "LEONIE". It`s super important, since I need the files.

If you`ve seen it, please contact me!


+49 15115524099



Posted by Leonie Vanessa Hagen at 16:49
Two keys lost

Hi I have lost two keys with a white strap, the strap belonged to applied machine learning days, and had a lot of name of companies on it. Have anyone seen it?




Posted by Rabeeh Karimi Mahabadi at 16:31
Asus black laptop charger


I cannot find my laptop charger anymore, I suppose I may have lost it at the university. If I did, it could probably be found in CO121, mondey afternoon after professor Fasoli's lecture. Please contact me if found.



+39 3349636509

Posted by Andrea Cavaliere at 20:32
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