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Lost And Found

Keys Lost


I lost my keys today on my way from UNIL-Sorge metro station to Rolex Learning Center. It has 3 keys, a plastic card and a white strap on it with green "ISIC" texts on it. If you found, please let me know asap (szabolcs.balasi@epfl.ch).

Thanks in advance!


Posted by Szabolcs Balási at 18:48
Phone case

Hi guys,

I lost my phone case today at about 16pm, somewhere in the CM building. Its white/whitish and it has some red/pink flowers in the front. It is a gift so I would appreciate a lot if you could help :) 

My contact is radmila.popovic@epfl.ch

Thank you!


Posted by Radmila Popovic at 23:26

Hello everybody!

I got my wallet stolen from my office today 25th August 2015 around noon. Maybe who took it is kind enough to leave the documents in a place where they can be found. If anybody finds them, please contact me, I will really appreciate it.

Laura Suárez.

Posted by Laura Victoria Suárez Murillo at 16:52
Lost Sony Xperia tablet


I have lost a Sony Xperia tablet in a gray cover today around 4 pm, either in the room BM 5202 or close to the Arcardie. If you have found it, please contact me: lars.mewes@epfl.ch or 078 961 11 84.


Posted by Lars-Hendrik Mewes at 17:47
Green Samsung mobile phone

I lost my Samsung mobile, which is in a green pocket. The last time I saw it was yesterday, thursday, on the terrasse of the MA building. 

Thank you for contacting me if you have found it by frederike.duembgen@epfl.ch

Posted by Frederike Dümbgen at 20:51
Natel Samsung vert

J'ai perdu mon natel Samsung dans une poche verte. Je' lavais encore hier, jeudi dans le bâtiment de MA et je l'ai probablement laissé sur la terrasse. 

Merci de me contacter par mal (frederike.duembgen@epfl.ch) si vous l'avez trouvé. 



Posted by Frederike Dümbgen at 20:47
Blue jacket with keys found in CM


I found a blue jacket in the first level of CM building. There were some keys in the pockets. You can contact me by mail tom-alexandre.bertrand@epfl.ch or by phone +33610188383.

Important : I won't be here during easter but it can be found by contacting me. Otherwise it will be given to the reception desk by monday 13th.






Posted by Tom-Alexandre Bertrand at 20:27

Hello guys,

I lost my black Moleskine cahier nearby the 705 bus stop two days ago. It's full of sticker on the front (Tigro, EduCo, GoPro ...).

Please give me a buzz if you have seen it. Number: 0039 3278279093 email: elia.morciano@epfl.ch


Thanks a lot guys!

Posted by Elia Alessandro Morciano at 22:59
Key found near parc scientifique



We found a key next to the bus stop at parc scientifique. It's a single key with a strap on it saying: www.allievicvc.it


If you know who it belongs to please contact me.





Posted by Peter Eckert at 15:29
Office keys lost!

Bonjour a tous!

During lunch/afternoon on 18.12.2014 I've lost my keychain with two keys on it. The keychain is a pink kitten with white dots. It should be somewhere around SG (Le Corbusier), ELA, SV or Esplanade

If found, please e-mail: pinar.akyazi@epfl.ch or call: 078 301 9181

Happy holidays!


Posted by Pinar Akyazi at 12:37
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