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Lost And Found

Silver ring lost

Lost a silver celting ring on December 18.

Thank you for returning if found.

email: milan.korda@epfl.ch

tel: 078 892 50 63


Milan Korda

Posted by Milan Korda at 16:03
Snowlife glove lost on 14 december outside GR / satellite

I lost my right glove yesterday (14th December), probably near the GRCO entrance (ground level near entrances of CE / CM or inside the GRCO building / computer labs.


Attaching a picture of the other glove. If anyone found it, please let me know. 



+41 76 40 40 450



Posted by Karl Emil Jonatan Bryngelsson at 15:09
Toshiba laptop lost

I lost my Toshiba laptot in its black briefcase yesterday around 2pm in CE6 or in the CE building. If someone has found it please contact me.

e-mail: begum.kasap@epfl.ch


Posted by Begum Kasap at 13:01
USB Lego

Hi folks!

I found an USB key made as a Lego piece in the Computer Science building.

I will keep it until next Monday, then I'll return it to the Lost+Found office.



Posted by Andrea Martini at 11:03
IPhone 5 Lost

Hi everybody!

Last Thursday (October 30th) I lost my phone while going from the metro to the SV building (it could also be in one of the SV building). I only realized it at night and I couldn't find it anymore.

It's an iPhone 5S blue in a pink cover. If someone finds it, PLEASE let me know! I will reward you! My e-mail is patricia.rencknunes@epfl.ch

Thank you in advance!


Posted by Patricia Renck Nunes at 8:29
Lost Penny Skateboard

This evening at around 6 p.m. I have left my Penny in CM building at the Esplanade entry near the Borne to recharge the Camipro. I forgot it there and at 7:30 it was no more there. If somebody has it, or knows where to find it please let me know. Mail: daniil.morzhakov@epfl.ch

Here is a photo:

Posted by Daniil Morzhakov at 20:36
Lost glasses case (including glasses)

A brown "Ralph Lauren" glasses case, including black glasses and a cleaning cloth with the "Heine" logo was lost in the ELE building. If you found it, please let me know!


Posted by Amira Muhech Medrano at 11:07
Lost car key

Black key with two bottons and one red led (see, e.g., http://www.fobkeyless.com/chevrolet-corvette-keyless-access-transmitter-smart-key.html)

Lost 23th of September. 

Please return if found.


Posted by Andrea Alessandretti at 9:00
Lost key


I have a lost a key, most likely outside, between the INM and INN buliding.

If anyone found it, please contact me.

Posted by Andrea Miele at 11:40
Tablet found at BC bathroom

Tablet found at BC bathroom this afternoon of July 24th, secretaries were closed so it is with me. Tomorrow it will be with lost+found if its not closed. Contact me back if its yours (pamela.delgado@epfl.ch)

Posted by Pamela Isabel Delgado Borda at 15:36
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