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SLIMS update 4.5

Dear all,

Please find below the list of bug fixes and new features that come with the new SLIMS 4.5 :

Bug fixes

  1. Macros: step "print label" does not happen in the right order
  2. ELN: Notes can be added under uneditable projects
  3. Add attachment from Server: user should be notified if upload fails
  4. Unpredictible behavior of macro with print and remove steps on contents
  5. Bug with PyRAT Pluging
  6. Drag & Drop: fails when file name contains accents
  7. Bug when drag n' drop attachment named with accent
  8. SLIMS 4.4.1 : Error when importing file with french accent in the name
  9. Error when creating a new role
  10. Forms: if first field is a dynamic choice, cursor is not positioned in it

New features

  1. Shielding: Provide role shielding on Printers
  2. Shielding: Provide role shielding on Slimsgate Flows
  3. Orders: functionalities to add/link content in OM
  4. Field of datatype multiple choice
  5. Add mechanism to see where content is unlinked
  6. ELN: Allow output linking in derivation steps
  7. Link: Remove content has been linked popup
  8. Slims upgrade scripts: automatically deploy SlimsRest
  9. Attachments: Improve UX to upload attachments
  10. Simplified ELN: enable signoff & locking
  11. Include jasperreports-htmlcomponent-5.x.y.jar
  12. Custom fields: Possibility to enter NA 
  13. Verschillende usability aanpassingen
  14. Add Groovy API to increment the sequence number for a sequence name
  15. Content: Implement 'Set original' action
  16. Content : Implement 'Merge' action
  17. Actions on big amount of records: give information to user, for example progress bar.
  18. search with wildcards in selectitems
  19. Picklists: It would be nice te be able to use multiple search words when filtering the list of choices
  20. Add multiple contents on multiple selected locations
  21. Printer configuration
  22. Labels: make location path shorter
  23. 1D Barcode code type: have the choice between "39" and "128" code types when ading the label element in the label template
  24. Label templates: Add larger font sizes - Increase the range to 1 -10
  25. Label templates: provide 'Value expression'  element - it uses a Groovy expression to fetch the value that has to be printed.
  26. Label templates: provide option to specify a Groovy expression to manipulate label element before sending it to the printer
  27. CM: By Project: Include content records that are part of a project via an order they are linked to.
  28. OM: Provide Result overview tab
  29. Simplified protocol: add text and SOP in protocol definition
  30. Export "large" content list to excel doesn't work
  31. Order module: Remove mini order grid from result tab.
  32. Report Module
  33. Fields: allow NA value
  34. Check strict fixed choices server side
  35. CM: Filter by order: Add shortcut to OM
  36. Date mask voor exacte date filters
  37. Shielding: Provide role shielding on ContentType
  38. Dynamic choice field: make choosing pick list fields more convenient
  39. Excel export/import: It should be possible to delete entire columns from an exported Excel sheet
  40. Dynamic choice custom fields: Make it possible to control the columns shown in the pick list per custom field.
  41. Multiple choice field
  42. Multiple dynamic choice field
  43. Store multiple values in a fixed choice/dynamic choice field
  44. Remove 'slimsgate flow has failed' popup from GUI
  45. Create new icons for EPFL-PCF
  46. Extra icons in SLims
  47. CM: status, it should be possible to desactivate automatic transition Available -> Labeled when printing
  48. Fixed choice drop down width should be smaller
Posted by Gaël Anex on Monday 27 April 2015 at 13:37