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SLIMS update 4.6

Dear all,

Here are the novelties that come with the new version 4.6 :

- Global performance improved

- Customizable grids

- Search information in files (attachments)

- Barcodes generation with sequences

- Clear content parent action

- Copy contents/samples in ELN

- License Module

- Contents event and history (designed for clinical studies)

- Macro improved with new automated actions


And the bug fixed :

  1. Multiple dynamic choice that can be NA, are bugged
  2. ELN: simplified runs are not removed when trying to remove a project
  3. NA fields with groovy
  4. Drag and drop attachment in rich text do not put where the cursor stands but at the end and close the edit mode
  5. SLIMS-UPHARRIS : Impossible to delete a directory
  6. Macro : Location always show during execution in a create content step
  7. Content are not transfer to ad hoc step in 4.5
  8. Content macro step does not work if Amount not precised.
  9. Reports of type Core and table Order: cannot generate if only one content per order
  10. Slims hangs when adding a server attachment of 4Gb
  11. Impossible to create new content when cntn_id is hidden
  12. Simplified ELN: Attachment blocks: Upload of attachments via 'Choose files' button doesn't work
  13. Role with only read access can print labels
  14. Label template : field font site cannot be modified anymore
  15. Can't delete an experiment nor a block in this experiment
  16. Bug with authentification in v4.5
  17. SLIMS manual not available in 4.5
  18. Bug when create new run at SV-IN test 4.5
  19. Macro doesn't not work on 4.5
  20. Freeze when registering an order
  21. Macros: step "print label" does not happen in the right order
  22. ELN: Notes can be added under uneditable projects
  23. Add attachment from Server: user should be notified if upload fails
  24. SVIN: Unpredictible behavior of macro with print and remove steps on contents
Posted by Gaël Anex on Monday 27 April 2015 at 13:38