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Maria Lopukhova

Some sketches


Posted by Maria Lopukhova at 0:18
Better site for the same one


Posted by Maria Lopukhova at 17:01
Turning Skysraper

Run this video, guys. You wont regret it!






Posted by Maria Lopukhova at 16:58
Reading comment

 I found the article on "Metabolism and Morphology" very interesting. After reading the article I decided to use the branching patterns as a guidance to determine the rules for my circle modules.

Posted by Maria Lopukhova at 20:28
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Interesting towers




Posted by Maria Lopukhova at 20:25
Good reference page

When searchimg for branching patterns, I came across this site. Cool renderings, some codes available on line too!


Posted by Maria Lopukhova at 20:24
Tangency of circles

 While trying to make the rules for my modules, I became interested in tangency of circles problems. Here is one of the good sites I came across 



Posted by Maria Lopukhova at 19:45

 For all of you interested in fractals. Simple, but good explanations and links. Kleinian Group Fractals should be interesting for Olivier D.


Posted by Maria Lopukhova at 13:01
Residential Tower by UN-studio


Posted by Maria Lopukhova at 13:29
Modules' madness

 My 3D modules I was talking about during my presentation.... and pls note.... it's not all of them yet :_)))

Posted by Maria Lopukhova at 18:34
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