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Some new ideas to conciliate the CleAP project and the Mutual-modeling project:

Learning: ? animated pictures ? collaboration ? multimedia-contents.
Mutual-modeling project: active problem-solving task ? mutual-model ? collaboration

CleAP project:

  • multimedia based learning

  • collaboration

  • animated pictures

  • multimedia-contents

  • passive-learning

  • retention and transfer tasks

  • pre-test/post-test paradigm

  • Split-interaction effect

  • collaboration load

  • Geo and/or Astro materials

Mutual-modeling project:

  • problem-based learning

  • collaboration

  • collaborative games

  • awareness tools

  • active-learning

  • mutual-modeling questionnaire

  • post-test interviews

  • mutual-modeling load

  • collaborative problem-solving tasks

  1. Space Miners

  2. CatchBob


Why CleAP paradigm doesn?t fit the Mutual-Modeling project?

  • no awareness tool

  • poor-interaction task

  • passive learning (hard to measure MM)

The main problem to conciliate CleAP and Mutual-Modeling projects lies in the integration of animations in a problem-solving task.

Posted by Mirweis Sangin on Wednesday 2 March 2005 at 12:13