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In our efforts to conciliate the CLEAP and the MM-project, ou finally arrived to some agreements about the forthcoming experiments.

The idea of an experiment analysing the efficiency of the design matter (sequential ?vs- parallel) was abandoned as well as the idea of a conceptual versus event-based design. The main reason is that it?s really difficult to provide an efficient experimental design, controlling all other graphical variables.

The new idea is to study the control variable (degree of control on the animation provided to learners) in a collaborative condition. We will compare a poor degree of control with a rich degree of control (run, stop, rewind, forward). Hence we can explore the split-interaction hypothesis by varying the degree of complexity of the interaction with the interface and see how it cohabits with the social interaction between peers.

A Mutual-Modeling task will be added to the paradigm. 3 MM-modeling analyzing methods have to be pretest. We'll see it later...
Posted by Mirweis Sangin on Wednesday 30 March 2005 at 13:57