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New export formats for my.epfl calendars

Thanks to the collaboration with the University of Lausanne, I'm glad to announce three new export formats for my.epfl calendars.

You can use the examples shown below:






Please pay attention that for integrating the code with Jahia, you should use the displayCalendar-jahia.html example, otherwise the jQuery.js will interfere with the jQuery.js in Jahia and you will be unable to edit the page further. As this second example doesn't contain the call to the jQuery.js library, it won't work in a page which doesn't provide jQuery.


The code in the example should be added in a container of the type HTMLBox.


You can modify the CSS and/or JS files and upload them to an alternate location (Jahia webdav or documents.epfl.ch).



Two other froms of output that are added are shown below:



XML output:




RSS output



Don't forget to add the read acces to the Public principal for the calendar you want to export. If you have any questions or remarks, feel free to mail me at my@epfl.ch

Posted by Predrag Viceic on Friday 15 October 2010 at 9:12