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New Reading Group


We are starting a reading group on the topics of Narrative Intelligence*, Cybernetics and Consciousness.

This group is open to all PhD students, irrespectively of their main field of research (humanities, technology, arts, science). Each month, there will be a list of papers that have to be read until the next session, to be discussed then. The list of papers will be published on this blog, and the date and place of the meeting too.

This reading group is organized by the researchers of SINLAB, a SNF-funded research project at the intersection of Performing Arts, Architecture, Science, Engineering and Philosophy.

Many thanks for your curiosity and your attention.

Michael Lew
Research Assistant, PhD Candidate
Media x Design Laboratory
BC 117
CH-1015 Lausanne, Switzerland
michael.lew@epfl.ch  |  sinlab.ch  |  +41 21 693 1315

*Narrative Intelligence was the name of a reading group conducted at MIT Media Lab in the early 1990s. It merges research in narratology and computer science. For more information : Narrative Intelligence, edited by Michael Mateas and Phoebe Sengers. Advances in Consciousness Research. Amsterdam: John Benjamins Company, 2003.

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