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Nicolaus Correll

Common pitfalls during PIC programming (in German)
Posted by Nicolaus Correll at 8:43
Differential GPS (DGPS)
Two excellent tutorials about the basics of GPS, and how to improve GPS readings using differential GPS (DGPS) online and by post processing the data.



Some interesting comparisons of the accuracy of different GPS systems can be found here

Posted by Nicolaus Correll at 19:36
GPS on a Chip
Infineon is developing an ultra-sensible (-160db) gps receiver that comes in a 7x7mm2 package, and can be interfaced with SPI and I2C bus.

Posted by Nicolaus Correll at 0:55
Difference between SPI, MicroWire, and I2C Bus
A nice introduction to SPI, MicroWire, and the I2C Bus

Posted by Nicolaus Correll at 17:10
Bootstrap Loader for the TI MSP430 application
On this page you find code samples and application notes for programming the MSP430 family form the serial port of a PC using the bootstrap functionality of the TI chip


Useful links for the MSP430 (in german) can be found on http://www.mikrocontroller.net/wiki/MSP430
Posted by Nicolaus Correll at 14:30