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  1. Positive Feedback: successful actions lead to recruitment, which again yield into successful actions and thus further reinforcement.
  2. Negative Feedback: counterbalances positive feedback and limits the exponential growth induced by positive feedback by saturation, exhaustion, or competition.
  3. Exploitation and exploration: noise is a necessary condition in self-organizing systems for not only exploiting positive and negative feedback but also exploring other system states randomly.
  4. Multiple interactions: individual states are not only dependent on previous states but also on the state of other individuals.

One ore more of these basic ingredients usually yield to a system showing the following properties:

  1. Emergence of spatial/temporal patterns
  2. Multi-stabile systems
  3. Bifurcations for changes in the system
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Quadratic Assignment
A library of some quadratic assignment problems (QALIB) can be found here


For a better understanding of the quadratic assignment problem there exist some Java applets on this page

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GPS on a Chip
Infineon is developing an ultra-sensible (-160db) gps receiver that comes in a 7x7mm2 package, and can be interfaced with SPI and I2C bus.

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Difference between SPI, MicroWire, and I2C Bus
A nice introduction to SPI, MicroWire, and the I2C Bus

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Bootstrap Loader for the TI MSP430 application
On this page you find code samples and application notes for programming the MSP430 family form the serial port of a PC using the bootstrap functionality of the TI chip


Useful links for the MSP430 (in german) can be found on http://www.mikrocontroller.net/wiki/MSP430
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Taskbar Icon in WxWidgets
This class allows your application to run in the taskbar only

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Amazing Insect page
Intriguing german page about insects with high quality photographs

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Some very interesting visual illusions

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Measuring elapsed time in C++
#include "time.h"
#include "stdio.h"
#include "windows.h" // you need that on Windows for Sleep()

clock_t start_time,elapsed;

double elapsed_time;

int main(){
start_time = clock();

// Add your code here
// end

elapsed = clock()-start_time;

elapsed_time = elapsed / ((double) CLOCKS_PER_SEC);
printf("Time elapsed: %f\n",elapsed_time);

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