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Business IT Alignment

Nowadays, one of the key issues in modern companies is the alignment of business and information technologies. As IT became crucially important element for the success of business, top management is trying to incorporate it in the company in the best possible manner. There are many studies that identified numerous factors that can improve alignment of business and IT. While some of them focus more on people, some others focus on process and organization, but what is common for all of them is that all emphasize importance of this alignment.

Alignment affects the activities that management performs to achieve cohesive goals of the company across the IT organizations but also the functional organizations like finance, industry, marketing etc. Therefore, alignment addresses both how IT is in harmony with the business, and how the business should or could be in harmony with IT. The goal is to create and manage strong relationship between IT and senior management of the company in order to improve both sides, crate mutual adjustment which will result in meeting the business goals, accomplishing objectives, strategies, effective communication and success.


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