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Product design 2017 Team17 and 18


- We finished testing the code with every electrical components (servo motor, LoRa connection, LED, interrupts with button, timers...).

- We gathered the materials to build the prototype (3D printed some parts and got woods).

- We made some of the electronical components with resistor, capacitors, transistors and so on.

- We tried to do the exercise on supply chain.

- We looked for patent for the M3 report.

We should be ready to construct the bin next week.

Posted by Pauline Maury-Laribière at 13:51
24NOV_Team 17_ARANDES Roc


- Testing the arduino code with the real components and making some changes

- Testing the interruption routines for sending messages to the server.

-Gathering some materials to build the prototype (wood, aluminium)

- Finishing the "real" 3D design, and adapting it for a prototype version.

- Making some tests with the 3D printer 

Posted by Roc Arandes Vilagrasa at 9:54
17_NOV Team 18 Berger Julien

What we did this week:

  • Finished the M2 report during the week.
  • Ordered the final electronic components and the structural wood planks.
  • Began testing sensors on the Arduino and writing the routine.
  • Looked at the tools in Robopoly and found the ones we will use to manufacture the iris aperture, we also ordered an additionnal tool for robopoly's dremel that we need.

Next week we will manufacture the structure and the mechanical Iris.
We will also see if all electronic components are working as intended and we will start programming our functions.

Posted by Julien Gaëtan Berger at 17:34
12 NOV_Team 17_KIZILKAN Ekin





Ordered servo motors and sensors are arrived.

Arduino code to control motors and sensor are implemented to the main code.

Impulse selleuse ordered by Pauline (device to close the bags)

A detailed schematic which shows electrical connections is prepared.

A chargeable battery may be included to the device.



Code is improved significantly and converted to work with interrupts.



Solidworks drawings are almost finished for top and bottom parts.


M2 report:

A draft is prepared and feedback is received from the assistant.

Posted by Ekin Kizilkan at 16:22
03_Nov_Team18_Roussinova Evgenia

Summary of the today's session

What we did:

- we received the feedback from the mid-term presentation and the M1 report, and we discussed it with the professors (most importantly, we discussed the critical points of our project concept)

- we discussed the possible manufacturing methods for prototyping of the lid and the iris opening: we sent a quote demand for a semi-spherical plastic lid, we considered simplifying the shape (rectangular instead of curved) for the prototype; for the iris, we thought of making it out of wood instead of metal for cheaper fabrication

- we reviewed the characteristics and prices of the sensors that we had found on different websites

- we discussed the iris mechanism's design and actuation


What are the next goals?

- create a list with all the electronics components that we will buy (make a final decision about the types of sensors and find the best price for the required characterisics)

- work on the design of the iris opening + choose a motor

- finalize the design of the lid





Posted by Evgenia Roussinova at 23:43
03 NOV_Team 17_JORDAN Audrey


We make the list of things to command:

Communications (Audrey and Pauline):
- Nothing to buy, the Arduino card is on rent. The LoRa transmission device is already delivered.

Mechanics (Roc and Victor):
- Nothing for now.

Electronics (Patrick and Ekin):
- To close the bags: Impulse selleuse (amazon) 40 Euros
- Proximity captor: Ultrasonic captor (drotek) 45 Chf
- Servo motors for blocking the opening of the trash 

What each team has done:

Code is ready on the Arduino to send the data by Lora and pseudocode is done to work with sensors. Waiting for captors datasheets.
First draft of NodeRed flow to show the data and treat them.

Solidworks is downloaded. Exterior design for top and bottom and assembling of both parts is done.

Find the captors.

For next meeting (10.11.2017):

Test the communication of the Arduino card with NodeRed through Lora.
Improve the presentation of the datas on the dashboard.

Assemble of the inside parts (boxes for captors and so on). Drawing of the crushing systems.

Drawing schematics on computer.
Work on how to control servo motors.

M2 report:
Audrey is working on a first draft for this report.

Posted by Audrey Jordan at 17:44
24 OCT_Team 17_FARAUT Victor


On Saturday we regroupe in a team of 3 to do the content of the presentation.

Each of us did one of the three parts described in the ppt of the teacher.

I did on Sunday and Monday the final presentation template with the content (you can find it as a file in the blog)


If you could give us a feedback on it :) will be great.

Victor Faraut 

Posted by Victor Camille Baptiste Faraut at 8:45
20 oct_Team17_PaulineMauryLaribière


Friday afternoon :

-Each brainstorms about the different point of the mid-term

-Then we put everything in common and discussed about the best solutions

-We also decided of a different structure for the introduction of the project in the slides User-Cleaner-Owner concerning unique selling point with working selling point and proposed innovation

-Discussed about the importance of the cleaner versus the owner of the bin

-Choose how to manufacture prototype

-Tried to estimate budget

Posted by Pauline Maury-Laribière at 18:03