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Minutes meeting 11

Here are the minutes: https://blogs.epfl.ch/productdesignteam8/documents/Minutes/Minutesmeeting11.pdf

Updates after the tests with the coil:
Energy production: about 5mW  / 20mW per coil. (walking / running)
Versus energy consumption of the LED: 600mW / 60mW (power safe)

Additionally, the conversion electronics consume a lot, result: no power left for the LED.

Find solutions:
- Loic: Find out how to easily replace the LED by a less consuming LED / modify the driving circuit to have different duty cycles
-Micha: Check a low-power chip dedicated to energy harvesting. Check if it's still possible to do a last-minute PCB. The boost we chose sucks (new product on the market), even for normal battery applications it leaks too much. Give a bad feedback on mouser. Implement solution on the PCB for disabling the electronics when we don't need them.

Our technology still has a future, it's very innovative passive energy harvesting. There is more research to do!

Posted by Micha Severin Burger on Friday 9 December 2016 at 23:01