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Mid-term presentation feedback


Here is the feedback and some comments from the jury on your mid-term presentation. 

Some class statistics, FYI:

  • Max grade: 4.44/5 (Good job! :))
  • Min grade: 2.88/5
  • Average grade: 3.80/5

Let me know if you guys have any questions. See you on Friday,


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Lesson 6 slides

Risk & Quality management (A Pauchard)

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Lesson 5 slides

Proth paper

Pocket lamp brainstorming

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Lesson 4 slides

Lecture 4: Time management (A. Pauchard)

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Lesson 3 slides

Lecture 3: Security storage and manufacturing flows

Exercise: Agregation d'une chane de dip^oles de production

Exercise: Performance des outils de production

Exercise: Performance d'un dip^ole de production dans l'industrie du tabac

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Lesson 1 Slides


Here are the slides from lesson 1 of the course (23 September) 

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