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Programmation I & II - SSC

Creating groups
1. Navigate to http://groups.epfl.ch
2. Enter your Gasper login.
3. Be sure to check the check boxes shown in the image below.
Posted by Ali Al-Shabibi at 10:34
Changing Permissions
Now that you have created the group, you must change the permissions.

1. On the confimation page of the group creation (see image below), obtain your GID value.
2. Change your permissions on your projet.
2.1 This is done with the following command
chown -R your_username:GIDVALUE_OR_GROUPNAME project_dir

Note: The group creation may take a while to propagate through the EPFL system... so be patient :) .

Any questions, don't hesitate to mail me ali DOT al DASH shabibi AT epfl DOT ch (replace what need to be replaced)

Posted by Ali Al-Shabibi at 10:29