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Blog for project PURE

PURE Presentation

Yes, it has been a while since we added some news, but here is the presentation document of the project. We will keep you inform on new upcoming events.

Again thank you everyone for having made this wonderful adventure possible, particularly:

  • Prof. Davor Pavuna and the IPMC for the scientific support and access to instruments,
  • Mrs. Christine Vuichoud for the administrative support and for her patience,
  • the EPFL Space Center and all our public and private sponsors making it possible,
  • Poseidon for providing us the laptop controlling our experiment,
  • ESA and Novespace for giving us the access to the ZERO-G plane,
  • and... you for following us :)


Addendum : Unfortunatly we participated in the 9th and last Students Parabolic Flight Campaign (SPFC) as it has been interruped for programmatic reasons, but if you are interrested in parabolic flights for your research ESA introduced the Fly Your Thesis program. Lots of interresting research in perspective...

Posted by Alexandre De Oliveira e Sousa at 13:54
Hi there everybody!

I think it is time to present our project to other students. There will be, most probably at the end of November, a little presentation in one of EPFL's auditorium. Stay tuned for the exact date and don't miss it!
Posted by Alexandre De Oliveira e Sousa at 14:44
Photos and video

P I C T U R E S       

And the video of Alex and Mark flying in ZERO-G

Posted by Alexandre De Oliveira e Sousa at 22:17

Ho yeah!!! On September 6th in Bruxelles, Nikolai and Alexei flew to Bordeaux on the A300. 4 hours of fly, 30 parabolas of 20 seconds each! The whole system worked perfectly and all six samples got purified by our system! On the 7th, Mark and I flew from Bordeaux to Bordeaux (sic!) for a second run of samples purification. After so much effort we could enjoy some free flight parabolae. We will soon put the videos and photos of our zero-G experience in Bordeaux!!!

see you soon.

ps:already one video at http://pure.epfl.ch/webdav/site/pure/shared/video/AlexMarkMax.wmv

Posted by Alexandre De Oliveira e Sousa at 21:55
Yeah!!!The X-Y table is working
After a long hard night of work, the X-Y table is finally working, allowing the sample to move from its box to the furnace.
Be aware of the pictures of the experiment coming in the next few days (I hope...)!
Now it's time to sleep. Bye everybody.
Posted by Mark Ambühl at 6:29
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Control Interface
Hi everybody!

here is the first version of the control/simulation program for our mecanic arm. You need to have at least the java JRE (http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.4.2/download.html) to run it.

Simply go to http://pure.epfl.ch/webdav/site/pure/shared/prog/purerobot.jar and download the .jar file and then double click on it.

a little simulation has been is working. Type start simulation in the text area and then press "enter". an automatic procedure will be launch. enjoy
Posted by Alexandre De Oliveira e Sousa at 14:01
Second article in Flash

Last week we publish a second article in Flash N°9 : Le futur des matériaux photoniques dans le ciel de l'Europe. You can enjoy some details about STEC2006 conference we attended and some news about the PURE experiment.

With pleasure of reading

Posted by Alexei Altoukhov at 16:01
Workshop in Braunschweig

Hello dear supporters,

here are some pictures of our participation to the Space Technology Education Conference (STEC2006) which took place in Braunschweig (Germany). This city is just situated around 50 kilometers east of Hannover. Thank you to the Technische Universität for hosting the conference this year and all participants for the interesting projects presented there.

Finally we would really like to thank Poseidon which allowed us to borrow a laptop for this european meeting.     

Posted by Mark Ambühl at 22:14
Conference STEC2006

In five hours 3 members of PURE: Nikolai, Mark and Alexei will take the destination to Braunschweig. Tomorrow a conference STEC2006 (Space Technology Education Conference) will start in Braunschweig Technical University. Once again an opportunity for European Community to talk about our project.

Posted by Alexei Altoukhov at 9:12
Article in Flash
Yesterday, the 25 april, was a great day for our PURE team :

N°1 - we published our first article, Le futur de la microelectronique se cree dans le ciel de l'Europe, Flash N°6 .

N°2 - we had a rdv with Swiss astronaute, Claude Nicollier.
Posted by Alexei Altoukhov at 14:24
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