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Ho yeah!!! On September 6th in Bruxelles, Nikolai and Alexei flew to Bordeaux on the A300. 4 hours of fly, 30 parabolas of 20 seconds each! The whole system worked perfectly and all six samples got purified by our system! On the 7th, Mark and I flew from Bordeaux to Bordeaux (sic!) for a second run of samples purification. After so much effort we could enjoy some free flight parabolae. We will soon put the videos and photos of our zero-G experience in Bordeaux!!!

see you soon.

ps:already one video at http://pure.epfl.ch/webdav/site/pure/shared/video/AlexMarkMax.wmv

Posted by Alexandre De Oliveira e Sousa on Monday 11 September 2006 at 21:55