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PURE Presentation

Yes, it has been a while since we added some news, but here is the presentation document of the project. We will keep you inform on new upcoming events.

Again thank you everyone for having made this wonderful adventure possible, particularly:

  • Prof. Davor Pavuna and the IPMC for the scientific support and access to instruments,
  • Mrs. Christine Vuichoud for the administrative support and for her patience,
  • the EPFL Space Center and all our public and private sponsors making it possible,
  • Poseidon for providing us the laptop controlling our experiment,
  • ESA and Novespace for giving us the access to the ZERO-G plane,
  • and... you for following us :)


Addendum : Unfortunatly we participated in the 9th and last Students Parabolic Flight Campaign (SPFC) as it has been interruped for programmatic reasons, but if you are interrested in parabolic flights for your research ESA introduced the Fly Your Thesis program. Lots of interresting research in perspective...

Posted by Alexandre De Oliveira e Sousa on Wednesday 25 April 2007 at 13:54