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SmartCite doesn't launch in Microsoft Word when I use the keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl-Ctrl)


Posted by Pierre Amey at 14:23
Introduction to SmartCite

Introduction: http://support.readcube.com/knowledgebase/articles/406055-introduction-to-smartcite

Know issues: http://support.readcube.com/knowledgebase/articles/581586-smartcite-status-known-issues

ReadCube's SmartCite citation tool is available for Microsoft Word 2007 and newer on Windows, and Word 2008 and newer on Mac. We currently do not support older versions of Word or other word processor software. 

Posted by Pierre Amey at 14:03
[SmartCite] How can I personalize Citation style

When writing a doc file, I can press twice the ctrl key (on OSX). Then a small Readcube window is display from where I can look for a citation.

After adding a couple of citation, I can style the citation.

Here is ym first try:

Dear Collaborators, [1]

you are [2]

 welcome [3]

why [4]

 the text goes at the line [5]

and I can not write something after [5],


Below, why analyses is not aligned to Clarke?

[1]       Clarke, K., Somerfield, P. and Gorley, R. 2008. Testing of null hypotheses in exploratory community analyses: similarity profiles and biota-environment linkage. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology. 366, 1-2 (2008), 56–69.

[2]        Kragh, K., Hutchison, J., Melaugh, G., Rodesney, C., Roberts, A., Irie, Y., Jensen, P., Diggle, S., Allen, R., Gordon, V. and Bjarnsholt, T. 2016. Role of Multicellular Aggregates in Biofilm Formation. mBio. 7, 2 (2016), e00237–16.

[3]        Mullen, A., Treibitz, T., Roberts, P., Kelly, E., Horwitz, R., Smith, J. and Jaffe, J. 2016. Underwater microscopy for in situ studies of benthic ecosystems. Nature Communications. 7, (2016), 12093.

[4]        Ruiz‐González, C., Niño‐García, J. and Giorgio, P. 2015. Terrestrial origin of bacterial communities in complex boreal freshwater networks. Ecology Letters. 18, 11 (2015), 1198–1206.

[5]        Unknown Jones2016_StreamEcosystemsChangingEnvironment_Chap6.pdf.


  1. Why can I not continue writing on same line after Dear Collaborator [1] or after [2] etc...?
  2. How can I align "exploration" to "Clarke" ?


Posted by Pierre Amey at 9:54
Setting up watch folders


Posted by Pierre Amey at 9:37
Importing & Building your ReadCube Library


Posted by Pierre Amey at 9:32
About readcube desktop


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Importing from papers3 into Readcube


Posted by Pierre Amey at 9:25
Readcube web importer


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Download Readcube Desktop

Download readcube for mac and Window : https://www.readcube.com/download

About Readcube desktop : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pq3AC6B3dCI&t=1s

Posted by Pierre Amey at 9:20
Readcube review


Posted by Pierre Amey at 9:13
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