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[SmartCite] How can I personalize Citation style

When writing a doc file, I can press twice the ctrl key (on OSX). Then a small Readcube window is display from where I can look for a citation.

After adding a couple of citation, I can style the citation.

Here is ym first try:

Dear Collaborators, [1]

you are [2]

 welcome [3]

why [4]

 the text goes at the line [5]

and I can not write something after [5],


Below, why analyses is not aligned to Clarke?

[1]       Clarke, K., Somerfield, P. and Gorley, R. 2008. Testing of null hypotheses in exploratory community analyses: similarity profiles and biota-environment linkage. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology. 366, 1-2 (2008), 56–69.

[2]        Kragh, K., Hutchison, J., Melaugh, G., Rodesney, C., Roberts, A., Irie, Y., Jensen, P., Diggle, S., Allen, R., Gordon, V. and Bjarnsholt, T. 2016. Role of Multicellular Aggregates in Biofilm Formation. mBio. 7, 2 (2016), e00237–16.

[3]        Mullen, A., Treibitz, T., Roberts, P., Kelly, E., Horwitz, R., Smith, J. and Jaffe, J. 2016. Underwater microscopy for in situ studies of benthic ecosystems. Nature Communications. 7, (2016), 12093.

[4]        Ruiz‐González, C., Niño‐García, J. and Giorgio, P. 2015. Terrestrial origin of bacterial communities in complex boreal freshwater networks. Ecology Letters. 18, 11 (2015), 1198–1206.

[5]        Unknown Jones2016_StreamEcosystemsChangingEnvironment_Chap6.pdf.


  1. Why can I not continue writing on same line after Dear Collaborator [1] or after [2] etc...?
  2. How can I align "exploration" to "Clarke" ?


Posted by Pierre Amey on Friday 25 November 2016 at 9:54