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Readcube enhanced pdf


Posted by Pierre Amey at 8:57
General online manual


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Sharing annotations team


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Adding Content to Shared Libraries


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How to create shared library


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[Permission] Users management from Dashboard

I am actually inviting collaborators to join sharing ReadCube library.
I installed ReadCube software in my Mac and my Windows
I sent some new invitations.

From the ReadCUbe Dashboard, I can see the pending invitation under the Users tab but there is no way to resend an invitation ot to change the firstname/name ot to correct an spelling error.

Apparently there is no way to reset the password, if, for exemple, the user forget his/her password

By the way, in the profile tab,  what’s the Account manager field?

Posted by Pierre Amey at 14:29
[SmartCite] Issue while citing from a Word document

Workstation : Windows Seven
Office : 2013

I downloaded and installed ReadCube, imported some of my pdfs and tried to  
use it to cite references in a Word document...  Unfortunately I had to  
read this concerning the in-text reference function:

ReadCube’s Word citation tool - SmartCite - is still in beta, which means  
it is still under development. To try it out, please go to the Preferences  
section of the main ReadCube program and opt in as a beta tester in the  
SmartCite section.

Even more problematic is that it seems to not work well for citing in Word  
on Windows (MS Office Professional Plus 2013). In my case, it opens a  
readcube search window but it does not recognize well the name of an  
author I want to cite (e.g. Battin T).

I wonder if this only affects me or if others are experiencing similar  

To resume:

  • it is very slow after the insertion of a reference
  • it crashes after 2-3 inserted references
  • it crashes when I try to correct a typing error
  • it does not allow to search for formatting styles
Posted by Pierre Amey at 14:09
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