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Rolf Lindbäck

Switch PCF-SD
Switch PCF-SD
Posted by Rolf Lindbäck at 10:15
PCF Model
PCF Model
Posted by Rolf Lindbäck at 18:13
Mid term presentation
mid term presentation on June 30th 2005
Posted by Rolf Lindbäck at 10:54
Lundi 6 Juin
- Mtg AW: even if the Visio model is very detailed, we try now to make a higher level of definition which will match the following structure: Developing - Manufacturing - Implementation which is often used in the process of many projects.
- FCF is also supposed to be implemented soonly, at least as a %. This in order to valuate the company.
- Still trying to get an adequate tool to make the modeling easier to generate. The use of Kornfilt's modelling tool SimSEAM is maybe possible.
Posted by Rolf Lindbäck at 15:30
Jeudi 24 Mai
Business Model of GBAW
Posted by Rolf Lindbäck at 17:46
Mardi 24 Mai
Meeting AW:
- feed-back from GBA meeting. Emphasize put on Value "Chain": my opinion we should create a tool that enables the start-up to create his Value Chain and thereafter go into detail and the questions we have tried to answer before.
- continue with this approach but make more AW look alike
Posted by Rolf Lindbäck at 11:17
Mardi 10 Mai
Discussions about the left-right constituents of the model, i.e. how linear is it and how much should we emphasize the channel approach.
New models have been created, but apparently the market analysis lack. Otherwise elements from both YP and AW have been considered.
Posted by Rolf Lindbäck at 11:17
Jeudi 5 Mai
- Include win-win strategy into the model
- Getting back to the theory behind the business model: what is it and what do we want to model?
- Still trying to merge the 2 models: a triangular model came on my mind with value prop, infrastructure management and customer interface as the 3 pylons
- Read an other article comparing business model theory: apparently no one is really agree on the matter and I will have to make my own definition with respect to the venture capital issue
Posted by Rolf Lindbäck at 19:57
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Early presentation 28th April
Early presentation
Posted by Rolf Lindbäck at 21:08
Mercredi 27 Avril
-Meeting with Patrik Frei from Venture Valuation. Interesting to hear how high growth firms are being valuated. He will provide us with some old business plans in order to compare SEAM/EBMF to his work.
-Interesting reading was his Master's Thesis where venture valuation was approach
-Preparation of tomorrow's presentation where the comparison between SEAM and EBMF will be done.
Posted by Rolf Lindbäck at 20:29
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