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Jeudi 14 Avril

1 - Found articles on Business Models for Venture Capital and seems like the following themes have to be present: Value Proposition, Market Segment, Value Chain Structure, Revenue Generation and margins, Position in Value Network, Competitive Strategy

2 - Meeting with YP:
.YP explained more the reasons behind EBMF
.Business Models were discussed and a temporarily solution composed of 3 parts has to be tested: modelisation of the company with its value chain and revenue model; modelisation of the market and its competitors; defining a strategy relying on competitive advantages until exit
.We chose to go for EBITDA instead of Profit due to more expanded use of the former
.YP showed the website of www.awt.be where it is possible to make a business plan by answering questions. This has been tested and not found adequate with VC
.3 different value chains were discussed: Porter, Cyclical and Parallel Blocks where the 1st one is used with concrete products i.e. manufacturing, the 2nd for consultancy and the 3rd for for example telecoms, banks and festivals where there is a clear division in the tasks to be done in order to provide the whole product. My assumption is that most VCs propose a new product which implies manufacturing and therefore we will stick to Porter's Value Chain.
.Balanced Scorecard was discussed in order to understand some strategic issues
.Next meeting Friday 22th April 09.00

3 - Work has been done in order to make the first part of the business model, namely the modelisation. Again GBA has been used to try out some solutions. This will be the main task the next days
Posted by Rolf Lindbäck on Thursday 14 April 2005 at 23:42