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Säntis Statistical System (SAS)

Positive Flashes Statistics

A new page showing some parameters of the positive flashes in now online.

Posted by Carlos Alberto Romero Romero at 17:34
Säntis SAS updated with January flashes

New data has been colected including a positive flash in January 2012. The SAS has been accordingly updated.

Posted by Carlos Alberto Romero Romero at 23:28
Updated statistics

Eleven new flashes occured on december 2011, all negative. They were brought by Joaquim storm into the Säntis and accurately measured by the EUCLID system. The site was updated with statistics including this events.

Posted by Carlos Alberto Romero Romero at 21:27
Starting the discussion

This is the first entry of the Säntis Statistical System (SAS), where you can post comments and start discussion about the different issues related to the ongoing statistical analysis of the Säntis data. Check the webpage at http://jahia-prod.epfl.ch/site/saentis/page-70907.html. The administrator email is carlos.romero@epfl.ch.

Posted by Carlos Alberto Romero Romero at 14:19
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