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Lunch at EPFL
You have a large choice of restaurants/cafeterias within the EPFL campus, please visit the page for a list of them: http://restauration.epfl.ch/.

Unfortunately, some pages are only available in French. If you want to know where a particular restaurant is placed, you may click over a link 'Où se trouve le Parmentier?', for the 'Parmentier' restaurant.

A typical meal will cost between 8,5 to 12 CHF.

A list of nearby (to the seminar building) restaurants:
Le Corbusier
Le Parmentier
Le Vinci
Le Copernic
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Wireless Connection during the seminar
Wireless Connection will be available during the seminar day:

To connect, visit the web page: https://network.epfl.ch/enclair

type in the username/password:
Username : x-sbiolbd2006
Password : rubeco72
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To register, please click over 'Commentaires' and type in the text box
your name, affiliation and email to register for the SBIOLBD2006
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