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Project Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group

Entrepreneurship and Innovation, is a fundamental factor of social stability and growth. We will begin by understanding this role and the potential it has to develop and elevate social structure and prosperity. We then understand how this development is progressing in India and China, looking at aspects such as how business in these areas has been facilitated, how entrepreneurial initiatives are changing local communities, how small and medium enterprises are impacting and creating opportunities for local people , how patent protection is allowing room for business development, and finally how a healthy and prosperous economic and social stability can be achieved by bringing together many of these factors. We will then if possible follow up our research with a visit to local areas in India and China to get a hands on reach into these factors, and understand what is lacking to drive these nations to their full potential.

Our future aim will be to take our knowledge and experience gained to other developing regions and nations, and hopefully benefit them by helping implement local initiatives and solutions.

A business initiative will be to help foster local development by bring communication information access, and connections amongst local entrepreneurs, merchants, farmers etc. to help enhance their business reach and their potential to impact the society.

This will be an opportunity not only to work closely with international teams in China and India and to get a hands on understanding of economic, business and development models in tomorrows frontline countries.
Posted by Nébil Mansour on Thursday 26 October 2006 at 1:07